First ‘Finding Dory’ trailer released

11.10.15 2 years ago

The first trailer for “Finding Dory,” the much-anticipated sequel to “Finding Nemo,” is out, via Ellen DeGeneres' YouTube channel

The movie is set six months after the events of the first film. Spoiler alert: Dory's memory has not improved. She's snoring and sleepswimming and looking for her family, a task that should prove difficult since she can't really remember anything. But since Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton are providing the voices of Dory's parents, she'll probably find them at some point.

DeGeneres, of course, is returning to provide the voice of Dory, as is Albert Brooks, who plays Marlin. Willem Dafoe and Vicki Lewis are also back. Nemo will be voiced by Hayden Rolence since Alexander Gould is a bit too old, 12 years after “Nemo,” for the part.

“Finding Dory” is set to be released on June 17, 2016.

Check it out above!

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