E! reports Joan Rivers is on ‘the road to recovery’

09.02.14 3 years ago


E! reports Joan Rivers is on “the road to recovery”
“She's getting better. Don't believe all this ridiculous speculation,” a source tells the network of the “Fashion Police” star. Over the weekend, reports claimed Rivers was on life support.

“Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story” didn”t deliver on its cheesy potential
The Lifetime film was a Twitter hit, but the juicy scandalous stuff was rather tame. Instead, the two-hour film was packed with Hollywood industry cliches. PLUS: This was Lifetime”s “Sharknado,” the film was insanely bizarre, presenting 100 revelations from the film, and the casting director says finding Screech/Dustin Diamond proved the biggest challenge.

“24: Live Another Day”s” success has led to the revival of “24” movie talks
A big-screen Jack Bauer has been the subject of much discussion.

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“Game of Thrones” given green light to film an important Cersei Lannister nude scene
The Croatian film commission approved the scene, as long as it”s not filmed inside the church. PLUS: In a LiveJournal post, George R.R. Martin gripes about “GoT” interview questions.

Russian soccer team adopts Bart Simpson as its mascot
FC Zenit St. Petersburg announced a deal with 20th Century Fox to make “The Simpsons” star its on-the-field mascot. PLUS: Watch the unveiling of Springfield, Oregon”s “Simpsons” mural.

BBC edited out a lesbian kiss from “Doctor Who”s” Asian broadcast
The BBC explains that a “brief edit” was made “in order to comply with broadcast regulations in Asia.”

David Muir makes his “World News Tonight” debut
Diane Sawyer”s ABC News successor signed off his first official broadcast by saying, “Thank you friend, for everything.” PLUS: The 40-year-old Muir aims to be your buddy.

Report: HBO remastering “The Wire” for HD
Does this mean the classic square-shaped series will be transformed to a widescreen format?

Lars von Trier is returning to TV after 2 decades
The Danish director is developing an English-language series called “The House That Jack Built.”

John Oliver answers “fan mail”
Turns out that not everybody is a fan of the “Last Week Tonight” host.

Charlie Sheen”s “Whale Wars” boat has been seized
Sheen says the boat he donated to the Animal Planet show has been illegally taken by the Danish Navy.

New “Arrow” trailer shows Oliver and Felicity getting close
The CW show”s executive producer promises “it”s not a fake-out.”

Check out “Frozen”s” Elsa” wandering through “Once Upon a Time”
“Leaving a chilly mark wherever she goes.”

Kathy Griffin does her Ice Bucket Challenge naked, with Aubrey Plaza”s help
Griffin did her Ice Bucket Challenge for “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Summer 2014: Winners and Losers
From John Oliver (winner) to Halle Berry (loser).

“Sons of Anarchy” creator praises Lea Michele”s” “frumpy waitress” performance
“She completely went there,” says Kurt Sutter. “Not a stitch of makeup.”

Watch the shaving of Karen Gillan”s head
The “Selfie” star went bald for “Guardians of the Galaxy.” PLUS: Gillan took a pic in front of a giant “Selfie” promo.

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg got married, but Mark Wahlberg skipped the wedding
Instead, Mark Wahlberg sent the TV couple, who met on “Watch What Happens Live,” a congratulations message on Instagram.

Charlie Rose to anchor the “CBS Evening News” on Tuesday
It”ll be the first time Rose has anchored a network newscast.

Carrie Underwood is pregnant
The “Idol” champ announced she”s expecting her first child in the spring.

“Baywatch” theme song singer/co-writer Jimi Jamison dies
Jamison, who was the lead singer of the bands Cobra and Survivor, was responsible for “I'm Always Here,” which “Baywatch” used for its opening starting with Season 2.

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