Elvis Costello and The Roots made an album together: ‘Wise Up Ghost’

05.29.13 4 years ago

Tamara Weber

Yes, you read that right: Elvis Costello and The Roots have combined for a collaborative effort, called “Wise Up Ghost,” due on Sept. 17 on Blue Note.

If anything, the holy union between British rocker Costello and the hip-hop jammers for a new album has yielded a classic Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson quote: “It’s a moody, brooding affair, cathartic rhythms and dissonant lullabies. I went stark and dark on the music, Elvis went HAM on some ole Ezra Pound sh*t.”

Also according to a release, the album will feature a guest vocal appearance from La Marisoul La Santa Cecilia, and promises some of the Roots’ “friends.” It was produced by Steven Mandel, Costello and Questlove.

A few copies of the set made their way out as white labels during Record Store Day earlier this year, and here you bought up all the White Stripes reissues instead.


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