Everybody back on board for ‘Hancock 2’? Not according to Jason Bateman

09.23.09 8 years ago

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Reports circulated last week that stars Will Smith, Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman had all agreed to return to star in a sequel to “Hancock,” the 2008 summer blockbuster which made a mammoth $624 million worldwide.  Speaking to the press while promoting his upcoming comedy “Couples Retreat” today, Bateman says he was “surprised” to see the break since he nor his management have been contacted about the project.

“I only know what I’ve read,” Bateman reveals.  “No one has contacted me or anyone who represents me have to ask if we’re interested or if we would. I know nothing about it. So, it’s surprising to me that Variety and The Hollywood Reporter would write that story, because they are usually pretty well vetted before they write something and that was completely false. I haven’t heard anything about it and the whole thing about me being on board? Couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Bateman added, however, “I would love to be a part of the film but I’ve not heard anything about it.”

When asked about the much discussed, debated and hammered to death “Arrested Development” movie, Bateman said there was nothing new to update fans with except that “my guess is it will be shot sometime next year.  I have a feeling Mitch is about halfway done writing it.  So, we’ll probably shoot it middle of next year and however long things take to get cut and marketed, so [it should hit theaters] first part of 2011 I would imagine.  That’s just a guess.”

Look for more news on both these projects as it develops on HitFix.

“Couples Retreat” opens nationwide on Oct. 9.

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