Watch: Ewan McGregor becomes dinner in new ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ trailer

11.21.12 5 years ago

Can you say “Ewan-McGregor-in-a-blanket”?

The Golden Globe-nominated actor is reimagined as a tasty appetizer in the new trailer for Bryan Singer’s “Jack the Giant Slayer,” a cinematic adaptation of the famed Cornish fairytale that stars Nicholas Hoult (“X-Men: First Class,” upcoming zombie rom-com “Warm Bodies”) as the title character and McGregor as Elmont, a royal soldier who accompanies Jack on a mission to rescue a beautiful princess (Eleanor Tomlinson) from the clutches of a race of menacing giants.

“Fee-fi-fo-fum,” begins the ominous voiceover, playing over a series of visuals that establish the giants’ impressively-realized skybound land. “Ask not whence the thunder comes/ For between heaven and Earth is a perilous place/Home to a fearsome and giant race.”

While I’m finding it hard to get too excited about “Jack the Giant Slayer” – the release of which was recently pushed back a full nine months by Warner Bros. (it was originally slated to hit theaters this last summer) – I have to admit that the film certainly looks spectacular, with top-notch CG effects work and some fun visuals including a flying windmill, a two-headed giant and the aforementioned “Ewan as dinner” bit.

That said, it also comes off as a rather bland “four-quadrant” slot-filler that seems particularly targeted at families and older children, a la “National Treasure” or “Night at the Museum” – in other words, older audiences without children may not find much to enjoy here. Nevertheless, the film’s saving grace may be Singer, a talented craftsman who has previously managed to deliver brainier-than-usual mass-targeted fantasy/action films, including the first two “X-Men” movies and the (in my opinion) underrated “Superman Returns.” Here’s hoping he can do the same with “Jack the Giant Slayer” (not to mention the upcoming leather-free “X-Men: First Class” sequel “Days of Future Past”).

My grade for the trailer: B. After watching it (and checking out the new poster for the film below), you can rate it for yourself at top left.

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“Jack the Giant Slayer” is slated for release on March 1 in 3D and IMAX 3D.

The official poster for Bryan Singer's Jack the Giant Slayer starring Nicholas Hoult and Ewan McGregor

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