Exclusive clip: Rules get broken on ‘Secret Sex Lives: Swingers’

09.20.13 4 years ago

Hey, guess what? Swingers get jealous! Not about their significant others having sex with other people, of course, but about emotional commitments and flirting. Who knew? This week on the four-part series “Secret Sex Lives: Swingers” (Sat. Sept. 21 at 10:00 p.m. on Discovery Fit & Health), our Atlanta-based couples discover that there are actually some lines that shouldn’t be crossed. In this exclusive clip from the “Wives Gone Wild” episode, odd couple Hali and Bryan discuss renegotiating their agreement. It goes over about as well as you might expect it to. 

Hali and Bryan aren’t the only lovebirds at odds. Rebecca feels neglected when Chris focuses too much attention on another woman, Jeff gets mad at Misty when she dances too close to another guy, and Dana and Loveless have relationship issues. Gosh, you would have thought swapping partners would make things so much easier!

Watch the clip, and tell us who you think is in the right — Hali or Bryan? 

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