Exclusive: FUTURES END #25 cover reveals a crisis of infinite Brainiacs

10.06.14 3 years ago

As an eleven month limited run, FUTURES END takes place 5 years into the future of the current “New 52” timeline, concluding in March of 2015. And no doubt leaving a lasting impression on DC's heroes and villains.

Whenever a multiverse as complex as the DC Universe gets a storyline, things spiral out of control faster than you can say “Great Hera!” But a quick and dirty primer for those just joining in. 35 years in the future, Mr. Terrific has turned most superheroes into cyborg bugs. To stop this from happening, super old Bruce Wayne plans to travel back in time to stop it but screws up and ends up sending Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond) instead. After that, time hijinks and shenanigans ensue as the fabric of reality begins to shred until as we move towards the FUTURES END climatic event.

Which is where we are now. The cover art for FUTURES END #23 and #24 revealed a multiverse in collapse. Heroes from different eras – even those seemingly scrubbed from the continuity – return to fight in the clouds above the main cast. But what would the final reveal for #25 look like? 

Image Credit: DC Comics

HitFix can exclusively reveal the answer to that question. The prodigal son returns. Superman might be having Casual Friday™ but that doesn't mean he can't wipe the floor with his long time nemesis.

Image Credit: DC Comics

Stitch all three covers together and you get a better picture of the direction this story arc is going. Earth in flux, continuity in flux, heroes battling different versions of themselves. Was “The New 52: Future's End” been heralding the inevitable demise of the DC reboot? Only time will tell.

Image Credit: DC Comics

FUTURES END #25 hits store and digital shelves on October 22!

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