Exclusive: Robot Chicken Clip Showcases The Perils Of Being A Bionic Superfamily


“Robot Chicken” is winding down their seventh season but that doesn't mean the quality is slipping. In fact, for their upcoming high fantasy episode “The Hobbit: There and Bennigan's” a certain “Firefly” crew member returns to lend their voice to mystery character in the exclusive clip above. 

What really happens when a terrible, preventable accident turns a family into cyborgs? “Robot Chicken” expertly lampoons superheroes and cybernetics with “Bionic Six!…Five!”  

A family of six is saved from imminent death at the hands of their sociopathic scientist husband/father, so obviously the next logical step is become a crime-fighting super family. Of course in reality – reality being relative here – slapping a bionic arm on your kid doesn't give them the training to survive an encounter with supervillains. Nor does it negate the simmering unrest in your marriage when one of you lacks empathy, caution, or other normal human emotions. 

Did you hear it? Did you recognize the dulcet tones of the former Serenity crew member or did the inflection hide their true identity? Find out if your guess is correct when “The Hobbit: There and Bennigan's” premieres August 10 on Adult Swim. 

Bonus! “Robot Chicken” put out another sneak peek you can watch below. Hogwarts Dumbledore is forced to deal with the fallout of allowing teenagers to mix highly volatile chemicals with little to no oversight.

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