Exclusive: STARFIRE #1 is the Starfire ‘Teen Titans’ fans were waiting for


DC Entertainment

Back in 2003, a whole new generation of DC fans were introduced to Starfire via the Cartoon Network show “Teen Titans.” Part of the Tamarian race, Starfire”s people believed feelings and emotions are the supernatural life-force that powers their abilities. Starfire was quirky and slightly off – as she did not know Earth customs well – but gregarious and empathetic to a fault.

So when Starfire appeared in the New 52 comic RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS, there was dismay and consternation over her look.

DC took the feedback to heart. This week, Starfire gets her own on-going series. While her costume bares her midriff – which is in keeping with her people”s thoughts on nudity and lack of self-consciousness – Starfire”s personality has shifted from ‘sexpot” to ‘adorkable excitable alien.”

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

The comic is written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, the crack team behind the smash hit of HARLEY QUINN, and it has their hallmark sense of style and humor.

After the jump, get your first look inside STARFIRE #1, on sale June 10, 2015!

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