Fall Out Boy, Anthrax, Every Time I Die members form metal band

11.27.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

Fall Out Boy is on an indefinite hiatus, so at least two members are going to be taking time making music somewhere else. Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman plus four other musicians from Every Time I Die and Anthrax have formed a new metal supergroup, dubbed The Damned Things.

Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano of Anthrax and Keith Buckley and David Karon from Every Time I Die round out the crew, who has apparently written at least 15 songs for an album. According to RockSound.tv, Ian says that the resulting sound resembles “Kyuss meeting Thin Lizzy.”

“It”s super fun and it”s something that we do totally take seriously because we love the music we”ve created. People think of Fall Out Boy and they think of [bassist] Pete Wentz and [singer] Patrick [Stump],” Ian continued. “These two guys, man, they”re f**king hardcore dudes. Joe writes some amazing riffs. We have this song called ‘A Great Reckoning” that I swear to God, this song could be on any Thin Lizzy record. He f**king blew my mind with this song and I just can”t wait for people to hear it.”

So far, there’s a lot of nothing on The Damned Things’ MySpace page. But that’s OK, too. Maybe Them Crooked Vultures could give them some supergroup advice?

Pete Wentz told HitFix this month that he’s looking forward to the release of FOB’s greatest hits set, is still running his label Fueled By Ramen despite it being an overglorified babysitting position and is raising an actual baby with wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.

What of Patrick Stump, then? Some rumblings we’ve heard are pointing toward a non-music related project. We’ll let you know when we know.

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