19 Fiendishly Stylized Disney Villain Perfume Bottles


Ruby Spark

When it comes to beloved Disney characters, fans of the antagonists have had a rough go of it. From the scrapped villain-centric Dark Kingdom park at Disney World to the princesses overshadowing the Disney Villain’s comparatively paltry line of merchandise, finding the right way to show loyalty to the bad guy is a challenge. Into this void steps Ruby Spark. An artist in Japan, she first put her design up on Pixiv – think of it as a Japanese of DeviantArt – before getting picked up by Cartoon Brew. If Disney has any sense, they’ll bring her on board and start production with some perfumers like yesterday.

#1: I defy you tell me you aren’t coveting this Lady Tremaine bottle for all your ‘Cinderella’ needs. I bet it smells like gardenias and disdain.

Ruby Spark isn’t just in it for the ladies of Disney though. She’s got the gentlemen covered too.

#2: Take this Prince John bottle for example. The ‘Robin Hood’ antagonist might smell of rosemary and temper tantrums.

All in all, Ruby has designed nineteen bottles so far. See them all after the jump! And be sure to check out her other work on Pixiv or follow her on Twitter – and suggest more villains for her to give the perfume treatment!

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