First Look: Maria Bello hangs tough in ‘Prime Suspect’

05.16.11 6 years ago


With the announcement of its 2011-2012 schedule, NBC has released clips from some of its new shows including the police procedural “Prime Suspect.”

A “re-imagining” of the BBC series that starred Helen Mirren, the series is about homicide detective Jane Timoney (Maria Bello, “A History of Violence”), who transfers to a male-dominated police department only to face a fraternity of cops who think she got the job after an illicit affair with her boss.

“Prime Suspect” will air Thursday nights at 10 PM  this fall. To see more photos from the show and other new additions to NBC’s line-up, click here.

Det. Jane Timoney (Maria Bello) discovers it’s truly a man’s world at her new job.

Detective Timoney uses her smarts and charm on a vulnerable young eyewitness. Which in this case means talking guns with a little kid.

 Jane plays the bad cop to  “convince” her boyfriend’s ex-wife to ease up on visitation restrictions regarding his son.

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