First Footage: Meryl Streep holds on to her pearls in ‘Iron Lady’ teaser trailer

07.08.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

20th Century Fox International and Pathe UK released a new teaser trailer today for potential awards season player “The Iron Lady” which provides the first footage of Meryl Streep as iconic Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.   The Weinstein Company will be releasing “Iron Lady” in the U.S., but don’t expect them to go in this direction for their previews.

This teaser starts off with the camera pointed at Roger Allam and Nick Dunning playing Thatcher’s allies Gordon Reece (consultant for her 1979 campaign) and James Prior (Conservative party ally who eventually served in her cabinet). They are critiquing someone for political office. Hat? Pearls?  Has to go.  And the voice- too high.  Cut to Streep as Thatcher who informs the duo, “I may be persuaded to surrender the hat.  The pearls, however, are absolutely non-negotiable!  That’s the tone we want to strike!”  Her delivery makes it clear the high pitched voice is also not going to change.

For British audiences, this would be akin to having the same scene with Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton.  The second the camera turns on Streep, they immediately recognize her as one of their major historical figures.  That won’t necessarily be the case in America.  Expect the Weinstein Company to add more historical context to their teaser whenever it might arrive.  In the meantime, now you know why Streep is a massive frontrunner to land her record 17th Academy Award nomination.

Check out the teaser and share your thoughts below.

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