Warning: This first ‘Twin Peaks’ teaser may induce goosebumps

12.18.15 2 years ago

If you're excited for the “Twin Peaks” revival like I am, chances are 2017 feels impossibly far away (and truth be told, I'm still a little bummed that Laura Palmer's “see you in 25 years” prophecy won't be coming true.) To tide us over, Showtime has dropped a short “now in production” teaser for the upcoming series that features the mystical musings of returning cast member Michael Horse (a.k.a Deputy Hawk), shots of iconic town locations including Snoqualmie Falls and the unveiling of the famous Twin Peaks sign, which somehow still boasts the same population number (51,201) that it did two-and-a-half decades ago. Is that merely due to neglect, or does Twin Peaks represent some kind of strange limbo, where no one ever really comes and no one ever really goes?

Also, who's the blurry, white-haired, camera-shaking man featured in the teaser's last half? Could it be creator David Lynch, reprising his role as the hard-of-hearing FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole? Could it be Ray Wise, returning as the tragically possessed (and mortally deceased) Leland Palmer? Could it even be Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), last seen flashing a demonic BOB-like grin?

And where, pray tell, is Audrey Horne? Did she survive that bomb blast at the bank?


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