Foo Fighters joins the anti-‘Glee’ bandwagon

03.18.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

Foo Fighters have joined their brother in arms, Slash and Kings of Leon, in vowing to not allow their music to be allowed on “Glee.”

Head Foo Dave Grohl doesn”t reveal if “Glee” has ever come calling to use a Foo Fighters” song, but when asked about the possibility, he told the Hollywood Reporter that the answer would be, and we”re paraphrasing here, “hell to the no.”

“It”s every band”s right, you shouldn”t have to do fucking ‘Glee”,” Grohl said. He says he”s not a fan of the show, which he claims to have seen 10 minutes of, but he”s more offended by the way co-creator Ryan Murphy has seen fit to attack acts who have turned down “Glee.” 

The Hollywood Reporter didn”t ask Grohl if he felt Kings of Leon”s Nathan Followill was justified in tweeting what many construed to be anti-gay slurs toward Murphy. (Followill later apologized to anyone who “misconstrued” his comments as “homophobic or misogynistic.”)

We eagerly await Murphy”s reply.

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