From Ant-Man to Vision: 6 brand new visuals courtesy of Marvel’s latest sneak peek

11.05.14 3 years ago

To celebrate their 75th anniversary, Marvel unveiled two brand-new sneak peeks last night on ABC. One was dedicated to Ms. Peggy Carter, because damn right she gets her own featurette. The other was split between “Ant-Man” and “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Take a look and then meet me below with your fine-toothed combs.

Okay. Everyone ready? Because there”s a lot going on here. It's almost as if Marvel KNOWS fans are going to comb every inch of new footage, and thus reward us for it.

#1 – Michael Douglas as Hank Pym.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

This is our first look at the original Ant-Man. He is definitely a dapper gentleman, but also way too old for the superhero game. Hence his recruitment of Paul Rudd. But what”s going on in this shot? Looks like the MCU version of Pym Particles resemble red Kool-Aid. I hope they are cherry flavored. Also, these dudes are totally in an underground bunker, leading to the question…who built it? If anyone has a guess as to what that encased white structure is (ant colony?), leave your thoughts in the comments!

#2 – The Ant-Man suit!

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

They”ve definitely cut back on the “Ant” vibe of Ant-Man”s suit. Which is in keeping with the rest of the MCU superheroes, all of whom also got realistic makeovers. The red is toned way the hell down, but the insect aura is still intact via the antenna – probably for communication – and the conical tapered face plate. Who wants to bet it”s made of vibranium mesh? 


Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Just when we thought we”d seen the last mysterious woman hanging out with the Avengers, this trailer throws us another one. Who is this woman in pink? How does Tony Stark know her? Is she important or just happened to be chilling in the frame? And let”s not forget the samurai armor in the background. Whedon is not one for just throwing props into the shot because it “looks cool.” 

#4 – Oh hey there, Vision.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

In a “blink and you”ll miss it” moment, Paul Bettany in full Vision make-up is visible just over Scarlet Witch”s left shoulder. But are she, Vision, and Hawkeye back to back against some foe – ahem, Ultron – or are our heroes unaware of the villainess behind them? Also, interested to know why Marvel ditched Vision's fire engine red face and green body for what looks like a cotton candy machine on LSD.

#5 – Um, is that a coffin?

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Or some sort of cryostasis unit? I”m seriously asking. I mean, it could be a desk, but it”s definitely throwing off “interstellar stasis pod/coffin” vibes, right?

#6 – I see you, Andy Serkis.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Between a laughing Thor and Captain America stands a man who”s face is blurred out. But you can”t fool us with the Gaussian Blur tool, Marvel. That is clearly mo-cap actor extraordinaire, Andy Serkis. His role in “Age of Ultron” has been kept under wraps. But now the question is, were Thor and Cap laughing as part of a scene or goofing around between takes? Because the answer could help determine Serkis”s role. 

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