‘Game of Thrones’ gets 3 stunning Mondo posters just in time for Comic-Con

07.10.12 6 years ago


“Game of Thrones” has gone Mondo.

Just in time for Comic-Con, three new “screen-printed” Mondo posters for the HBO fantasy series have been revealed. Each one has been painted by a different artist, and all three will go on sale at Booth #437 located in the San Diego Convention Center (you can download a map here). More than 15 other brand-new Mondo prints as well as past favorites will also be available for purchase.

According to a press release put out by the company: “Like last year, Mondo won’t be releasing info on the new release times or title of the poster until it actually goes on sale at the booth.” That said, you can at least see which day of the festival each of the “Game of Thrones” posters will go on sale, as I’ve listed those alongside each image in the gallery below. Actual sale times will be announced later (you can follow @mondonews on Twitter for up-to-date information on when).

Check out all three posters below and let us know what you think!

San Diego Comic-Con runs from Wednesday, July 11 (preview night)-Sunday, July 15.

About Mondo: Mondo is a division of the Alamo Drafthouse championed for bringing art back to movie poster design. Utilizing the talents of world-class artists and designers, Mondo produces limited edition, screen printed posters based on all things film, television and comic properties including Star Wars, The Avengers, DC Comics, Back to the Future and Universal Monsters. In addition to stunning artwork for beloved and future classics, Mondo also releases time-honoured and contemporary movie soundtracks on vinyl, such as Drive, as well as VHS re-issues. Based in Austin, TX, Mondo operates out of a permanent gallery space hosting regular exhibitions featuring a blend of breathtaking original artwork and limited edition screen prints. Having worked with filmmakers such as Guillermo del Toro, Wes Craven, Zack Snyder and Duncan Jones, Mondo has also partnered with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences to further archive and preserve the company’s growing collection of original film posters.

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