‘Get Hard’ trailer: Kevin Hart preps Will Ferrell for prison in surefire comedy smash

12.19.14 3 years ago

Kevin Hart has had a very, very good 2014 – and 2015 looks to be shaping up pretty nicely too.

From “Ride Along” to “About Last Night” to “Think Like a Man Too,” the ubiquitous comedian has been on fire over the last year, and with the first trailer for his Will Ferrell buddy comedy “Get Hard” he looks primed for another big hit.

Starring Ferrell as a wealthy businessman indicted for white collar crimes who hires Hart's car washer to prep him for prison – despite the latter having never actually been there – the comedy here is mined from the racial insensitivity of Ferrell's character, who has made a pretty good career out of playing ignorant buffoons. The stereotyping element certainly feels topical in light of the Ferguson controversy (among other recent incidents), and despite being a broad comedy I feel like the film could become part of the larger conversation we're having about race and justice in America.

Most importantly – this looks funny! Laugh along with me as Ferrell uses Hart as a human barbell.

“Get Hard” hits theaters on March 27, 2015.

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