Google’s Self-Driving Car Looks Like Every Adorable Thing

12.26.14 3 years ago

Google's been experimenting with the design of a self-driving car, one that's going to be tested on a closed track, then Northern California roads early next year. It has no steering wheel and no pedals. It's the future, except now. And it is adorable.


Sorry, but look at this car. I feel like a Kristen Wiig character as I bite my fist and squeal about how cute this thing is. OHMAHGAWSH, etc. Can't. Handle. It.

Here is a quick list of everything I realized this perfectly cute thing looks like. 

– A smiling Chicken McNugget

– The Brave Little Toaster

– A Pixar-animated SmartCar

– The tiny mouse you use to play Mario Paint on Super Nintendo. 

– Snooki

– A Pound Puppy 

– A Pound Puppy covered in white chocolate sauce

– A jellybean with paws 

– Most child actors

– A gumdrop with an attitude

– A machine that runs on hugs

– A Skittle's artsy cousin

– A marshmallow prince

– A Popemobile for the littlest Pope

– The big toe on a Macy's float of Snoopy

– Baby Toad's vehicle in Mario Kart

– Any dessert

– Marzipan-covered baby

I want 49 of them. I'm glad they drive themselves because I'll be too busy clutching both sides of my head and caterwauling “ADORABLE!” in it. 

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