Green Day cancel Voodoo Fest headlining spot as ‘¡Dos!’ tracklist revealed

10.08.12 5 years ago

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On the heels of Billie Joe Armstrong’s diversion into rehab, Green Day has announced that they’ll no longer be headlining the Voodoo Experience music festival in New Orleans. The pre-Halloween bash takes place over the weekend of Oct. 26-28; organizers have yet to define how they’ll fill the spot.

The band requests patience with the situation. “Canceling shows is something we rarely do,” said band member Tré Cool in a statement. “We never want to let our fans down, and we are grateful for all of you being understanding during this time.”

Armstrong entered a treatment program for substance abuse shortly after an curse-laden outburst at the iHeartRadio festival late last month. And it’s tough timing for the band: they’re in the middle of promoting not just one but two albums, as “¡Uno!” was released last month and the second in a trilogy, “¡Dos!”, will be out in a month.

Speaking of which, the tracklist for “¡Dos!” has been revealed, and it will include retro-thinking upbeat track “Stray Heart,” for stream below. The album will arrive on Nov. 13.

For just a glimpse of Armstrong, fans could have watched “The Voice” tonight (Oct. 8) on NBC for a pre-taped segment with the musical mentor. The singer taped his part before he had entered into rehab.

Here is the tracklist for Green Day’s “¡Dos!”:

1.  See You Tonight
2.  Fuck Time
3.  Stop When The Red Lights Flash
4.  Lazy Bones
5.  Wild One
6.  Makeout Party
7.   Stray Heart
8.   Ashley
9.   Baby Eyes
10.   Lady Cobra
11.  Nightlife
12.  Wow! That”s Loud
13.  Amy

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