Harry Potter himself weighs in on the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ No-Maj debate


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“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” doesn”t arrive in theaters for a year of so, but the Harry Potter fandom has awakened and they are famished for new information. Between the photo of Eddie Redmayne to the official plot synopsis, it”s been a feast.

But not all the new lore has been taken at face value. “No-Maj,” the American version of the word Muggle (what wizards call non-magic humans), has caused a fandom uproar. But no one had gotten Harry Potter”s opinion on this discrepancy in slang…until now.

Radcliffe”s next project is the film “Victor Frankenstein.” But how can one resist asking about the world of Harry Potter when you have the boy wizard himself in front of you? Mashable asked about the kerfuffle, but Radcliffe didn”t really see the big deal.

“I have no strong opinions about this. We have different words in England, so it makes perfect sense that there should be a different word for it in America.”

So there you have it. Harry Potter himself thinks regional slang is no big deal. And to be fair, No-Maj is slang for Muggle in the 1920s, an era full of dumb slang we no longer use.

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” arrives in theaters in 2016.

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