Heck yeah, special effects! Our 10 most anticipated robots and creatures of 2015

Good-bye 2014, hello 2015! We”ve got a long, delightfully geeky year of film and television ahead of us. From “Star Wars” to “Westworld,” it”s a good time to be a sci-fi and fantasy nerd. 

But as excited as we are to revisit a working Jurassic Park and to rejoin the Avengers for their latest outing, this year we”re really looking forward to the creatures. Whether they”re on set as practical effects, created via a complex amount of prosthetics applied over hours to some hapless actor, a man in grey pajamas pretending to be an android, or digitally added in post, they undoubtably steal the show from their flesh-and-blood counterparts.

After the jump, we”ve collected the creatures were most excited to see VFX teams breathe life into in 2015. 

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