HitFix First Look: Sunday’s ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ puts Captain Holt in a hot tub

01.02.15 3 years ago


Happy New Year!

And merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and whatever other seasonal holidays you might celebrate.

It's been a festive couple of weeks, but it's also been a really tough couple weeks if you happen to be a fan of original TV programming.

Fortunately, the drought is coming to an end. Already, NBC welcomed back “A to Z” and “Bad Judge,” not that you noticed. But everything begins returning in earnest this Sunday night, including FOX animated favorites “Bob's Burgers,” “The Simpsons,” and coming off an odd fall in which only six new episodes aired, “Family Guy.”

Also returning with its first new episode since December 14 — Jake and Charles grew close and then not-so-close on a stakeout, in case you've forgotten — is “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

In this week's episode, titled “Beach House,” the detectives head out for a weekend at Charles' beach house — Charles has a beach house? — only to have their good time squelched when Jack invites Captain Holt. 

What kind of squelching are we talking about? Check out this HitFix exclusive clip, in which we discover that Captain Holt is much less fun than James Brown when it comes to hot tub enjoyment…

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