‘House of Cards’ will stay in Maryland after the state reached a tax credit deal

04.25.14 3 years ago

“House of Cards” will stay in Maryland after the state reached a tax credit deal
The Netflix series will get $11.5 million in tax credits, which is less than what producers wanted but far more than the $4 million legislators were willing to give the show.

Michelle Obama didn”t rehearse her “Parks and Rec” scene, which had to be done in 25 minutes
The First Lady “just walked on the set and had all her lines memorized and never faltered once. It makes sense,” says co-creator Michael Schur. “All she does is travel around the country and give speeches in front of large crowds of people. We had about 25 minutes with her total, and it was very smooth and easy.” PLUS: Schur wasn”t worried about “HIMYM” finale – or Leslie”s bangs, NBC was vaguely told about the big cameo, and the finale was a bold, feminist leap forward.

“Game of Thrones” writer: Sunday”s episode was “the most difficult episode I've written”
Bryan Cogman wouldn”t go into details, of course, but he has scripted some of the show”s most memorable scenes. PLUS: “Hodor” answers questions Hodor-style.

Gillian Jacobs gets “Community” fans to put mustard on their face to save the show
Today she tweeted: “Tweet @nbc a picture of yourself with mustard on your face. They'll have to give us #sixseasonsandamovie then, right?” PLUS: Check our more “Six Seasons and a Movie” posters.

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen can”t tell themselves apart when watching “Full House”
The twins visited Ellen today to talk about their experience filming the sitcom.

Check out “The Strain”s” eye-popping poster
Featuring a worm coming out of a woman”s eye.

Seth Meyers” success is baffling: Why is he so successful?
“Can you actually remember any joke that Seth Meyers has made”? asks Elisabeth Donnelly. She adds: “What”s Seth Meyers going to bring to the table? I couldn”t even tell you, that”s how distinctive a personality he is as a host-type guy. His success – he”s ‘influential,' according to TIME – is sort of baffling, clearly kind of Lorne Michaels” fault, and it”s too bad. There”s a lot of great, wild comic minds out there that could bring energy, wit, and surprises to something like Late Show or the Emmys, but instead, a boring choice like Seth Meyers persists in his winning mediocrity.”

Listen to Julia Louis-Dreyfus” son”s band
Henry Hall, 21, son of the “Veep” star and “SNL” alum Brad Hall, is the lead singer of Grand Cousin.

Meet the guys who made up a fake case just to get on “Judge Judy”
The case involved smashed TVs and a dead cat.

Ellen DeGeneres denies being a house-flipper: “I love real estate”
Ellen has been described as a “property hound” for buying so many properties. But, says Ellen, “I”ve never bought to sell. I always say: ‘This is it. I”m never moving.” People laugh at me now.”

“Veep” fans insult “Jonah” by calling him “Jonad”
“Jonad is the most common one that I get,” says Timothy Simons. “I think because it”s the quickest and it”s also only slightly insulting to call another human.” PLUS: Simons talks Jonah on MSNBC, and Kevin Dunn finds “Veep” swearing to be liberating.

“The Newsroom” vet to play Gus Grissom on “The Astronaut Wives Club”
Joel Johnstone will play the 2nd American to fly into space, who was later killed in 1967 during a pre-launch test for Apollo 1.

Why “Orphan Black” should kill off Sarah
Her death could invigorate the series, making it a show where anything could happen. PLUS: It”s okay that “Orphan Black” is getting more political.

Joan Rivers” “Fashion Police” reportedly pays peanuts
The striking writers on the E! show were makng one-sixth of the Writers Guild minimum.

“Mrs. Doubtfire” was the most-played movie on basic cable last year
“She”s All That” came in at No. 2, “Juno” No. 3, “Austin Powers in Goldmember” No. 4 and “Ice Age” was No. 5.

“Black Box” proves TV has a problem with its portrayal of mental illness
Mental illness shouldn”t be portrayed as some kind of superpower.

University of Michigan student assumes her “Grimm” role tonight
Jacqueline Toboni, 22, was “discovered” thanks to a visit to the university by the show”s co-creator, whose daughter is a student there.

“Bad Teacher”: How other movie-to-TV show adaptations have fared
From “Clueless” to “Ferris Bueller.”

“Wheel of Fortune” celebrates 6,000 episodes
Next week, the game show will celebrate by giving away $6,000 prizes.

Spring and Chrysler will be prominently featured on “24: Live Another Day”
Chrysler is taking over as “24”s” car sponsor from Ford and Hyundai. PLUS: Producer responds to the “When does Jack Bauer go to the bathroom?”

“No, no, no,” John Oliver says when asked if he regrets leaving Comedy Central before Colbert's promotion
“Because,” he says. “I think this is a chance to do something completely different. HBO on Sunday night is a tantalizing thing to try and do something with. I like the idea of trying to change my metabolism, which is so built around a daily production, which I loved and I think there is part of me that is gonna miss the kind of daily grind. But I”m really looking forward to working out how to use the extra time to do some things with higher production. You know, tackle stories that are incredibly difficult to do on a daily turnaround.” PLUS: HBO open to expanding “Last Week Tonight” to other nights.

OWN”s “Running From Crazy” examines the history of mental illness in Mariel Hemingway”s family
Hemingway”s grandfather, Ernest Hemingway, and her sister both committed suicide, which will be the focus of the documentary airing Sunday.

Ian Somerhalder responds to the latest “Vampire Diaries” shocker
Damon is “definitely not very happy” when he finds out the truth.

See the character posters for “Petals in the Wind”
Featuring a “Twisted Sister” and the “Holy Hag.”

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