How did this mistake make it into the first ‘Terminator: Genisys’ image?

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Yesterday, everyone got their first look under the hood at the new world created for the “Terminator: GENISYS” sequel/reboot. Responses were…mixed.

You can read our take on this story direction over here.

Included with Sarah Connor”s new backstory – which is single-handedly the best argument against futzing with the fabric of time I”ve personally ever seen – were photos of the cast. The Mother of Dragons, the 11th Doctor, the Ape Whisperer, and Budget Macklemore from “Divergent” each put on their “apocalypse is serious business” face and debuted their look.

But we were all so focused on trying to come to grips with the franchise retconning everything, that we missed a pretty egregious error. Jai Courtney is dying. That isn”t the scowl of a man intent on saving the world. That is the grimace of a man who has just had a Jeff Goldblum “The Fly” moment during time travel and is now missing HIS ENTIRE TORSO.

Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Courtney? Buddy? You hanging in there, guy? It”s gonna be okay. Okay, probably not. But be strong.

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