How Robin’s short shorts give me hope for ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’


The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice blitz is upon us! Expect every day between now and the film”s March 25th release date to be peppered with information, photos, videos, or soundbites. Earlier today, Harpy correspondent Jill Pantozzi dissected EW”s coverage for the juicy bits. But we need to talk about the juicy detail in the BatCave.

Specifically, Robin”s leather booty shorts, which were first brought to my attention by BirthMoviesDeath. Why do we need to talk about them? Because they are single-handedly renewing my hope in this film.

Image Credit: EW/Warner Bros.


Image Credit: EW/Warner Bros.

Something bad happened to (a) Robin. Something bad involving the Joker. Something bad enough that Batman has created a shrine in the BatCave (and possibly bronzed the costume). There”s one prime suspect as to who wore this suit: Jason Todd. But looking beyond what that implies, look at this suit! It”s a glorified short-sleeved romper. Why does this make me happy? Because it”s classic goofy superhero schtick.

By the power of this one costuming decision, the Batman v Superman trailers feel as if they could be the product of a marketing department gone mad with grimdark power. Obviously there will be action and rain-slick darkened streets. But how invested in taking itself 1000% seriously can a film be if they”re willing to admit Batman used to run around with a questionably dressed young man.

Sure it”s an homage to Robin”s teeny-tiny costume. Sure even Robin in Frank Miller”s The Dark Knight Returns wore the classic “Did you forgot to put on pants today?” outfit. But I”m choosing to take this as a sign Batman v Superman is merely disguising the joy and levity in their film.

Let me have this.

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