Illustrator Jenny Parks imagines popular fictional heroes as cats

05.15.13 5 years ago

Jenny Parks

Illustrator Jenny Parks might be something of a pop culture genius. Or maybe she’s just a crazy cat lady who decided to capitalize on her predilection. Either way, her renderings of fictional icons as kitties are delightful, and they gave me a chance to exercise my favorite muscle, the one responsible for shitting out awful puns.

Iron Cat, played by Robert Dander Jr.

Everyone’s favorite murderous sociocat, Dexpurr.

Catniss Everdeen was nice enough to serve the pun up on a silver, um, cat-er.

Catman and his enemy, the unpunnable Bane.

“Walking Dead” charcater Daryl Dixon Cat, handsome even in feline form.

(via Design Taxi)

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