In ’The Last Five Years’ trailer, Anna Kendrick continues to resuscitate movie musicals

12.08.14 3 years ago

It”s a good time to be a musical on film, as the genre is experiencing a bit of a renaissance. And if said movie has singing and self-deprecating humor, who you gonna call? Anna Kendrick.

Her latest offering is an adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical “The Last Five Years.” The play deals with the birth and death of a love affair between Cathy Hiatt (Kendrick) and Jamie Wellerstein (Jeremy Jordan). Instead of a linear story, it”s written using an intercutting timeline device. Jamie's narrative takes story forward from the beginning of their love through the end, while Cathy”s starts at the end and goes back in time to when they first met. 

When we spoke to Kendrick back in September, she talked about the challenge of improv when barely any of your dialogue is spoken and how corsets can derail the goal of singing live.

“The Last Five Years” bursts into song – and theaters – February 13, 2015.

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