Is the final ‘Supergirl’ trailer promising the most amazingly campy comic book show ever?



Love it or hate it, the “Supergirl” show is barreling towards your television next month. Up until now very little was known about the show, other than that Kara works in a “Devil Wears Prada” type environment and has a pretty decent support network of friends and family.

With this new trailer, fans finally get a look at Supergirl”s powers – including super-breath and heat vision – and where her rogues” gallery is coming from. Space. They”re coming from space.

You catch that? Fort Rozz has crashed, releasing some of the galaxy”s most dangerous criminals. For those that don”t know, Fort Rozz was a Kryptonian prison. Within the lore of the comic, Fort Rozz was sucked into the Phantom Zone when a prisoner transfer went sideways and the Phantom Zone Projector exploded. Eventually the inmates overpowered the guards and escaped. How this will be baked into the lore of “Supergirl” remains to be seen but the word “crash” implies a Monster-of-the-Week™ formula.

As to the tone of the show? Supergirl appears to be embracing her Silver Age camp in all its goofy, fun glory. At least in the trailers, CBS seems to be taking a page more from “The Flash” than “Arrow.” Whether or not you think that”s a good thing is up to personal taste.

“Supergirl” premieres on CBS on October 26 at 8:30PM EDT.

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