Jane Fonda Schools Conan O’Brien on Getting It Up

06.05.14 4 years ago

Maybe now's a good time to list 14 kickass things about Jane Fonda. I just feel like it.

1) She told Conan O'Brien about the importance of sex at an advanced age, and he listened. Watch that awesome clip.

2) She is a MAJOR philanthropist.

3) Her blog is fantastic.

4) Her memoir is a must-read. She articulates issues with insecurity and self-image better than maybe anywhere else I've read.

5) That VOICE. Listen to that conviction in her deep, authoritative tone.

6) “They Shoot Horses, Don't They?” is the most underrated movie (at least nowadays) of the 1960s.

7) She is ferocious in “The China Syndrome.”

8) She took the weakest role in “9 to 5” and made it sing.

9) Seven Oscar nominations. Two wins.

10) She is going to be in a Netflix series with Lily Tomlin, y'all. Sign me the hell up.

11) She is a god on “The Newsroom.”

12) She's hilarious.

13) She's serious. 

14) She loves sex and loves talking about sex. She's Jane Fonda and you listen. Holler.

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