Japan does it’s own reboot of ‘Godzilla’ and it looks really fun

09.12.16 11 months ago

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Godzilla is the longest running film franchise in history. That's according to Guinness. And it's been rebooted many, many times. This one looks fun. We had our own American reboot directed by Gareth Edwards (Rogue One) and how we have a new version from Toho Studios, the folks behind the original Japanese Godzilla. They've made bucket loads of Godzilla movies, so they know their Godzilla. 

It's an interesting choice for the trailer to focus mainly on bureaucrats, nuclear scientists and panicking crowds. I like monster movies where we tease the look of the monster before we see it. But in this case, we know what Godzilla looks like. And it's too bad, because Godzilla looks great here. It would have been better to see more of him or her (no one really know its gender). I dug the retro feel combined with the modern special effects. I loved the music, especially the original Godzilla music at the end. 

I've never been a Godzilla person but this movie was put together by well regarded Japanese filmmakers Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi and it's gotten a great reception in Japan before debuts in the U.S. next month. This film is known as Godzilla Resurgence over here, but cool people call it by its Japanese title Shin Godzilla

Are you interested or are you refusing to watch any of these movies until Mothra shows up? 

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