John C. Reilly joins video game favorites in new ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ trailer

09.12.12 5 years ago

Disney has just released a new trailer for their upcoming CG animated film “Wreck-It Ralph,” and it allows you to take a peek behind the digital curtain of video games both past and present, with John C. Reilly as your guide. 

Wreck-It Ralph is an 8-bit Donkey Kong-like video game baddie (Reilly) who is sick of being beaten by the Mario-esque Fix-It Felix, Jr. (voiced by “30 Rock’s” Jack McBrayer). He attempts to transform himself into a hero by navigating the expansive video game universe, where he runs in to all sorts of digital oddities.

The film is stuffed with classic video game characters like Sonic the Hedgehog, Q*Bert, “Street Fighter” villains, a ghost from “Pac-Man,” and likely dozens more that will only be recognized by the hardcore lifelong gamers. 

In addition to the made-up games “Hero’s Duty” (ha ha ha) and “Sugar Rush,” how many games did you spot?

Sarah Silverman, Alan Tudyk, Mindy Kaling, Dennis Haysbert and “Glee’s” Jane Lynch also provide voices in the film. 

“Wreck-It Ralph” opens in 3D and regular 2D November 2. 

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