Joss Whedon on ‘Avengers 2’ progress: ‘I’m in the deep panic stage’

04.15.13 5 years ago

John Shearer/Invision for MTV/AP Images

For those still under the impression that making movies is easy, allow “Avengers 2” director Joss Whedon to set you straight.

“It’s been enormous fun, followed by deep, deep panic,” Whedon told The Hollywood Reporter of making the superhero sequel, which is currently in the writing stages. “I’m in the deep panic stage now. Actually, I’ve gone past panic into a vague nether-stage.”

Whedon spoke with the outlet at Sunday evening’s MTV Movie Awards, where he accepted the award for Best Fight alongside “Avengers” stars Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson and Tom Hiddleston. He told THR that after the “meet and greet” character dynamics of the first film, he’s now able to “really slam them together and beat them up and figure out what makes them tick.”

“I sat down and thought about it, ‘Do I have a story to tell?'” he said of the decision to take on a follow-up. “Same thing I thought before the first one. … It took me 40 minutes to realize not only did I have a story, but I was in love with it.”

So who, pray tell, will the superheroic crew be going up against in the next installment?

“Themselves,” Whedon answered. “We’re all our own worst enemy.”

“The Avengers 2” is slated for release on May 1, 2015. Mark your calendars.

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