Justin Bieber outsmarted by shirt, falls off stage

06.17.16 1 year ago

Can Justin Bieber walk and chew gum? It”s hard to say. But one thing we do know is that the pop star sure has difficulty doing needless preening while taking a stroll.

During his June 16 concert in front of thousands of adoring fans in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the Biebs decided to fix the superfluous shirt (so much plaid, you”d think it was 1992) while walking. That appeared to be too much for him to comprehend.

About 20 feet into his meander…well…he ran out of stage and gravity got the better of him. The mic on the singer picks up the loud thud that follows.

This is not the first time Bieber has had trouble walking. In 2010, while still a fresh-faced teenager, he couldn”t quite figure out a revolving door, bonking his head in the process.

Check of the video below. And then watch it another 20 times, because you know you want to.


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