Katy Perry reveals ‘Prism’ teaser and single ‘Roar’ release date

08.02.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

Katy Perry drops two goodies on her fans today and both reveal a bit about the direction she may be going with her third studio album, “Prism,” which comes out Oct. 22.

Both a new album teaser  and a video snippet for first single “Roar” hint at a Perry who is ready to strip away the artifice. Let”s tackle them one at a time:

The album teaser for “Prism,”  dropped by Perry on Facebook this morning, shows Perry, her face bare of any make-up (other than, we imagine, foundation, mascara, lip balm, concealer, a touch of blush, etc… all the stuff it takes to look like you have no make-up on) and devoid of the usual heavy eye-liner and candy-colored lips. Similarly, her hair is her own, not one of her usual wigs, and while still beautiful, it”s not styled in any particular way and she even has some fly-aways.

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Her fuzzy gold sweater is off one shoulder, revealing a red bra strap.

She”s looking straight into the camera, her head slightly angled, as if she wants us to see her reflection for the first time.

Add in the video teaser and we get even more of a sense that she”s leaving her old self behind. In a 29-second, wordless Vevo snippet titled “Roar-Burning Baby Blue,” Perry dramatically strikes a lighter and takes a flame to her famous blue wig. Then “#roar” and Aug. 12 pop up on the screen (Who knew her wigs had names?)

She”s clearly telling us she”s done with the confection-coated past… or maybe by burning the blue wig she”s subtly protesting against “The Smurfs 2,” which opens today.

Perry announced “Prism’s” arrival earlier this week via a gold-plated truck.

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