Katy Perry announces new album name and release date with a truck: Look

07.29.13 5 years ago

Katy Perry had a truckload of a good time announcing her new album title and release date.

A gold-painted semi-truck made its way through Hollywood today (July 29) with the words “Katy Perry,” “Prism” and “10.22.13” on it.

After fans started Tweeting photos at the singer, Perry confirmed that “Prism,” indeed, is the album title, due on Oct. 22.

“Find the ?#PRISM? semi, take a picture and I’ll RT you. Don’t worry, Los Angeles is just the first stop on the map,” Perry warned on Twitter. So look out for the truck in your hometown.

What do you think is in the truck? Candy? CDs? Fans?

As previously reported, Perry spent a night on the town with Britney Spears last night for the “Smurfs 2” premiere. She voices Smurfette in the film, and has also told E! News she secretly sang back-up on Spears’ “Oh La La” song, which rolls over the credits of the family movie.

[Photo courtesy Instagram user msgracevalerie]

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