Katy Perry’s Halftime Show: Did She Work It?

02.01.15 3 years ago

Katy Perry's Super Bowl show was a Skittle-colored spectacle with lots of cheeky dance moves, jet black hair, and silly backup dancers in animal suits. This came as a complete shock to no one. 

But still, Katy Perry knows how to make her candy blast of pop flavor last slightly longer than a stick of Fruit Stripe gum. In order, she performed “Roar,” “Dark Horse,” “I Kissed a Girl” (with Lenny Kravitz), “Teenage Dream,” and “California Gurls.” Then something magical occurred: Mystical trashbag-outfitted warlord Missy Elliott appeared to perform “Get Ur Freak On,” “Work It,” and “Lose Control” alongside Perry. Those are three of the most fabulous songs of the 2000s. Perry may be a dynamo onstage, but her polite sass was no match for Missy's thundering sexuality and sauciness.

Naturally, Perry concluded the Crayola-blasted medley with “Firework.” 

The best image of the whole performance was certainly Perry's entrance on a giant, mirror-paned tiger that moved animatronically, a la “War Horse.” Was it the greatest halftime show ever? No: To me that's still a toss-up between Madonna and Beyonce. But Katy Perry's was a lush and surprising event with an absolutely fabulous (and freaky) guest-star.


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