Watch: Ke$ha and her furry friends wreak havoc in ‘C’mon’ video

01.11.13 5 years ago

Ke$ha”s obviously never heard the rule about not getting into a car with strangers.

Luckily it all works out OK. There are no unicorns, but Ke$ha still manages to bring on the trippy fun in her video for “C”mon,” her new single from “Warrior.”

After quitting her job as a waitress as the “Awful House” dinner, she hops into a makeshift version of what looks like the Scoobymobile and time travels back to the ’70s (or so it seems given the presence of an 8-Track player, the clothes and the headbands. But she”s not alone. She has all kinds of full-size furry animals, including a rabbit and an owl, with her. She rescues them from their homeless ways and somehow loses her pants along the way. But no worries, she doesn’t need pants where she’s going.

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She and her new Plush friends go to a corner mart and vandalize it, dancing in the aisles, while she takes a bat to the merchandise. Hey, store owner, where”s your sense of fun? She”s just blowing off a little steam!

The video certain captures the  song”s message about living in the moment and not thinking a second beyond that. And quite frankly, if you”re looking for any deeper meaning or anything else from Ke$ha, you”ve missed the point.

And children, remember, don’t get in a van with strangers. The odds aren’t good that it will end up as well as it did for Ke$ha.

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