Kendrick Lamar marches to his own beat in colorful ‘i’ music video

11.04.14 3 years ago

Kendrick Lamar's “i” music video could've just been the rapper holding a single  balloon and crying, and I'd still be like, “K.”

Because this song has grown on me. The single certainly was an unexpectedly upbeat jam from the “Good Kid,” with the lilting sampled guitars and Compton MC preaching self-love to all the kids that “went to war last night.” While his upbringing was rough, Lamar talks about finding peace, even in depression.

Thus, in his video, Lamar moves freely. He goes where he wants, dances how he wants, wears what he wants, his crew follows his lead through colorful streets and with interesting characters, one of which takes him on a car ride and he hangs out the backseat window like a dog on a joyride. There's a nostalgic '70s flare throughout, punctuated by the “one nation, under a groove” in the beginning. 

It's cool, and Lamar's cool in it. No wonder the NBA adopted it as its official anthem this season.

The song “i” will supposedly be on Lamar's next album, as-yet-untitled and with no release date, though he's warned that Dr. Dre and Pharrell have helped out on it so far. Lamar will be the musical guest on the Nov. 15 episode of “Saturday Night Live” (with host Woody Harrelson), so maybe we'll know more by then?

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