Kim Raver and William Devane will return for ’24: Live Another Day’

10.04.13 4 years ago


Things keep getting more and more real for the unlikely resurrection of “24.”
On Thursday, FOX announced that the 12-episode limited “24: Live Another Day” will film in London, allowing us to make a high quality “Union Jack Bauer” reference.
And on Friday (October 4), FOX confirmed that Kim Raver will rejoin the “24” family, accompanied by TV dad William Devane.
Raver’s Audrey Raines and Devane’s James Heller — former Secretary of Defense, but who knows what he is now — were introduced on 2005’s fourth season of “24” and were last seen at the end of Season 6. At the time, Audrey catatonic and Jack Bauer was pretty miserable about everything. We’ll see how things shake out now, with “24” returning four years after the events of the 2010 series finale.
Raver and Devane join series regulars Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub in the “24: Live Another Day” cast.
Amusingly, yesterday’s “24” press release said “Live Another Day” would premiere in “summer 2014,” while today’s release says “spring 2014.” FOX tells HitFix that both seasons really still mean “May,” in all likelihood. 

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