Watch: Lady Antebellum’s new video for ‘Downtown’

03.07.13 5 years ago

It”s a good thing the members of Lady Antebellum have their day jobs because, as their new video for “Downtown” proves, Hillary Scott makes a lousy felon, and Charles Kelley and David Haywood make donut-obsessed, hilariously inept cops. (Plus, why the boys are trying to do New York accents when they”re in Los Angeles is beyond me, but that would be thinking about it way too hard).

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To its credit, the band, with the assistance of “Two Broke Girls””  Beth Behrs, has tried to have some fun with the six-minute clip instead of making the standard performance video. Scott, after being dissed by her bandmates, who see her as a bit of a  rom-com loving, stay-at-home gal, decides she”ll show them.

She and Behrs, whose idea of a good time is flipping her car, will go out on the town with the sole intent of getting arrested. But even after they shoplift and torch a bar, the Keystone cops are too incompetent to shoot straight.  Scott adopts her best post-good girl Sandy from “Grease” look, complete with leather pants, as she resorts to some drastic action to get the Coppers to pay attention…finally.

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