‘Law & Order: Los Angeles’ hold keeps ‘Parenthood’ on Tuesday

01.18.11 7 years ago


The much-publicized creative reshuffling on “Law & Order: Los Angeles” has contributed to some tweaks to the NBC’s spring schedule.
With Dick Wolf tinkering with “Law & Order: Los Angeles” after jettisoning much of the original cast, “LOLA” will no longer be returning to air on February 8. The show’s 2011 relaunch has now been set for “a day to be determined.”
With “LOLA” not moving to Tuesdays, “Parenthood” will remaining in its 10 p.m. home, which it had been scheduled to vacate as of the end of January.
Are you following the ripples so far? So if “LOLA” isn’t going to Tuesday and “Parenthood” isn’t going to Monday, that means that “Harry’s Law,” which premiered to a strong overall audience (but weak demo numbers) on Monday (Jan. 17) will remain on Mondays at 10 p.m.
“Harry’s Law” had originally been ordered for 12 episodes, but only scheduled for six airings on Mondays before ceding space to “Parenthood.”
Amidst the shuffle, NBC also made a couple moves that have nothing to do with “LOLA.”
“America’s Next Great Restaurant,” which had been set to launch on Wednesday, March 16 will now go to Sundays, premiering on March 6. The return of “The Marriage Ref,” which had been set for that Sunday home has now been pushed back to that nebulous “later date.”
Stay tuned for additional updates as they become available.

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