Letterman announces he’s retiring in 2015

04.03.14 3 years ago

Letterman announces he's retiring in 2015
David Letterman just announced during tonight's “Late Show” taping that he'll step down in one year, according to tonight's musical guest, R.E.M. bassist Mike Mills, who tweeted the news that has since been confirmed. Letterman turns 67 next week, and by next year he will have been working in late-night for 33 years, a record for a talk show host. PLUS: Jimmy Kimmel quickly reacts: “David is the best there is and ever was.” UPDATE: Letterman told his audience that he broke the news of his retirement to CBS boss Les Moonves before tonight's taping: “What this means now, is that Paul and I can be married. We don”t have the timetable for this precisely down – I think it will be at least a year or so, but sometime in the not too distant future, 2015 for the love of God, in fact, Paul and I will be wrapping things up.” UPDATE: Craig Ferguson has a “Prince of Wales” clause, giving him the right to the 11:35 timeslot. But Ferguson's contract also expires next year, and the clause isn't ironclad.

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