Listen: Adam Lambert performs two new songs, “Cuckoo” and “Chokehold”

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Adam Lambert has delayed the release of his second post- “American Idol” set, “Trespassing,” from its original March 20 release date to later this spring, but we”ve got two tracks potentially from the album below.

Lambert performed at a radio event and showed off two songs, “Cuckoo,” and “Chokehold,” according to The Insider. We aren”t sure where these were filmed, although on Lambert recently tweeted about performing before some radio fans in Denver.

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The fidelity isn”t that great and Lambert, who is a natural born performer, seems a little awkward and uncomfortable here on “Chokehold,” but he sounds good.

“Cuckoo” is the flashier, more uptempo of the two and much more immediately infectious. He also seems to be having much more fun performing it, especially when he gets to sing “the crazy train is ready to go.” All aboard!
“Chokehold” is about asking someone to help him if he starts to stray off course and yank him back with a “chokehold.” It”s mid-tempo,but bolstered by a steady beat.

A few more details have emerged on “Trespassing,” including it will feature a duet with Bruno Mars.

As we previously reported, Lambert will perform with Queen on July 7 at the Sonisphere in Knebworth, England. Earlier this week, Lambert stopped by The Bert Show, the morning show on Atlanta radio station, Q100. Here”s the link to his acoustic performances of “Trespassing”s” first single, “Better Than I Know Myself” and “What Do You Want From Me,” as well as his interview segments.

What do you think of the two songs? 

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