Listen: CulturePop No. 17 – Guest Jenna Syde, ‘Dexter,’ ‘True Blood’

06.14.13 4 years ago 2 Comments Arnspiger

Melinda Newman’s been traveling all over the place, so this week I had a chance to interview a kick ass singer (and TV fan) Jenna Syde of Jenna Syde and the Watchers. If you haven’t heard of her, she’s an L.A. icon with great pipes — and CulturePop is the first to broadcast the band’s latest single, “Love Doll,” from the new EP, “Pretty In Plastic.” Hear it here first.

Plus, we talked about all of Jenna’s favorite TV shows, including “Game of Thrones,” “True Blood,” and “Dexter” — which you might recognize as the inspiration for the band’s EP cover. But click through, because you’ll want to see the band’s entirely-shot-in-a-strip-club video. Yeah, that. Anyway, here’s the rundown:

:30 Jenna Syde tells us a little bit about her band’s new album, which will be released June 28. [Check out for more information]. 

1:00 Jenna tells us why we should be excited about the season premiere of “Dexter,” which inspired the band’s crazy new album cover.

4:25 Jenna, who’s a big “Game of Thrones” fan and has read the books, explains why the season should have ended on the Red Wedding episode. 

8:20 Something else she’s watching now — “Hemlock Grove.” 

9:20 Why she loves “Hemlock Grove” — but the problem she noticed by watching it streaming. 

11:15 We discuss the current trend in weirdly boring finales

11:40 Netflix and Hulu and HBO Plus, oh my!

15:10 Jenna talks about how the music industry has changed over the years, and not necessarily for the better.

21:25 Jenna tells us about her musically inclined family. 

22:50 The leak! Listen to part of the first track from “Pretty In Plastic,”  “Love Doll.”

24:55 “Love Doll” has a weird origin story. Don’t tell your parents. 

26:35 Jenna talks about the music that’s made her sound. 

28:40 We talk “True Blood” — and why Jenna would like to be in an Eric and Alcide sandwich.  

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Watch the video for “The Weasel” below: 

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