Listen: CulturePop No. 24 – ‘Arrested Development’ composer David Schwartz

and 08.23.13 4 years ago


Melinda and I got a chance to talk to Emmy-nominated composer David Schwartz (“Arrested Development”) about all things TV music, and I think you’ll have as much fun listening to this podcast as we did making it. David has lots to say about the shows he’s worked on — including “Deadwood” and “Northern Exposure” — and for anyone wanting to pursue a career in composing, this should be a must-listen. We hope you enjoy listening to what David had to say as much as we did!

1:00 David Schwartz talks about the surprise of being nominated for a comedy.

1:55 We discuss the competition and what he thinks of the other guys.

2:50 Melinda and I learn how composers create music.

8:40 He talks about writing for the show now that it’s on Netflix and how that changes the creative process.

12:10 The difference between composing for comedy versus drama — and what the real issue is.

13:55 We try to pin David down to a favorite “Arrested Development” character.

15:30 Why he loves that “Arrested Development” doesn’t have a strictly defined palette.

17:00 Why he likes and dislikes being labelled quirky.

18:30 How he got into composing — fledgling musicians need to listen to this.

22:45 “Northern Exposure”!

24:50 “Deadwood” and creating the theme with an old kitchen pot.

28:45 David discusses TV orchestras and how much themes have changed.

30:40 He reveals his favorite themes.

32:45 The movie!

34:55 His daughter Lucy Schwartz is a performer in her own right. Check her out here

38:40 He discusses being Emmy nominated and why it matters.

40:00 Melinda tries to make David swear. Seriously.

Thanks for listening! 

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