Listen: Dirty Projectors release new track ‘Gun Has No Trigger’

03.30.12 5 years ago

Bjork and the DPs collaborated on “Mount Wittenberg Orca” and now, more than ever, the Icelandic star’s influence on frontman Dave Longstreth’s voice is heard like never before on new track “Gun Has No Trigger.” I enjoy the boldness of his biggest notes here, and that cold, surreal phrasing. I also continue to applaud the return of his backing singers Amber Coffman, Haley Dekle and Angel Deradoorian who sing like the women that they are (as opposed to sounding like little girls).

But don’t look for the hooky, boppy arrangement like those that were all over 2009’s “Bitte Orca.” This is a much sadder, simpler track.Longstreth told SPIN to expect as much.

“A lot of the songs are about horror or fear. Considering the last decade, it just didn’t feel right to be making this super exuberant music,” he said, explaining his writing process in a secluded house in rural upstate New York during the coldest months over 2010-2011. “It might just be that I was up here in the f*cking winter when it was light three hours a day and there’s three feet of snow on the ground… Also, there’s a song that’s a response to the Strokes’ ‘Is This It?’ It’s called ‘Maybe That Was It.'”

So maybe its on that song where all the guitars will go and freak out.

A new DP album is expected this spring; and we expect a publicist email in one to three days with more details. The band has a few tour stops this summer already in place, including Celebrate Brooklyn! and the Pitchfork Music Festival.

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