Listen: Kate Bush revamps old songs for new ‘Director’s Cut’

04.04.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

English singer/songwriter Kate Bush is looking to the past for her first new set in six years.

“Director’s Cut” is a collection of 11 songs from Bush’s backcatalog, revamped and otherwise re-recorded, including some of her better-known tracks like “Rubberband Girl” and “This Woman’s Work.” It’s set to drop on May 16 via her own Fish People label.

In lieu of the release, these new tracks are starting to drop. “Deeper Understanding” was played on BBC’s Radio 2 today, and is available for stream below; it goes up for sale tomorrow. Additionally, there has been a short film to correspond with the track, for release in a few weeks. It was directed by Bush herself, and includes cameos from Robbie Coltrane, Frances Barber, Noel Fielding and Bush’s son Albert.

The first track on the “Director’s Cut,” “Flower of the Mountain,” has been renamed and altered from the song “The Sensual World”; Bush explains the change as thus:

Originally when I wrote the song ‘The Sensual World” I had used text from the end of ‘Ulysses” by James Joyce, put to a piece of music I had written. When I asked for permission to use the text I was refused, which was disappointing. I then wrote my own lyrics for the song although I felt that the original idea had been more interesting.  Well, I”m not James Joyce am I? When I came to work on this project I thought I would ask for permission again and this time they said yes.   It is now re-titled ‘Flower Of the Mountain” and I am delighted that I have had the chance to fulfill the original concept.

Meanwhile, a release states that Bush is also still hard at work on crafting a new album of entirely new tunes.

Bush’s last studio was “Aerial,” from 2005.

Here is the tracklist for “Director’s Cut”:

1 Flower of the Mountain (new version of “The Sensual World”)
2 Song of Solomon
3 Deeper Understanding
4 Lily
5 Red Shoes
6 This Woman’s Work
7 Moments of Pleasure
8 Never Be Mine
9 Top of the City
10 And So Is Love
11 Rubberband Girl

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