Listen: Katy Perry sings about a man ‘that breaks me’ on ‘Bullet’

01.03.12 6 years ago

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Oh, don”t think for a second that it”s a coincidence that Katy Perry”s version of “Bullet,” a song about falling for a bad boy leaked out today, only days after word of her divorce from Russell Brand went public.  Note that it”s the first we”ve heard of her since the announcement. Also note the song was written long before she met Brand, so don’t get any ideas.

“My heart  was like a ghost town baby and now I”ve met a man that breaks me,” she sings on the track, before an autotuned voice chimes in “My mama warned me about boys like you.”   However, as the title indicates, she gives as good as she gets: “I”m a bullet and I”m headed straight for your heart/it”s going to leave a mark.” Ouch.

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Perry co-wrote the tune for Jessie James, a country singer who released the tune on her 2009 self-titled album. Perry does a fine job on the demo, but, as you can compare below,  James polishes and speeds up the track a little. While one is a demo and the other is a finished track, James” version is a little too slick for us.  Perry also appeared on James’ very poppy “The Girl Next Door,” which Perry also co-wrote.

Whose version of “Bullet” do you like better?

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