Listen: Ke$ha’s new single ‘We R Who We R’

10.15.10 7 years ago 4 Comments


It”s hard to believe that a year ago, few of us had heard of a creature named Ke$ha.  Now, she already has an instantly identifiable sound ready-made for every working girl (no, not that kind) who lives for 5 p.m. so she can leave the office and start the weekend…even if it”s only Tuesday.

For awhile there, we were getting a new Ke$ha tune every few weeks from her debut album “Animal.” We had a little break, but now she”s back with “We R Who We R” from “Cannibal,” an 8-track companion to “Animal” coming in a few weeks.

“We R Who We R” is a blend of “Tik Tok” and Katy Perry”s “California Gurls” and it”s going to be a smash. It is incredibly stupid, but it has the main ingredients to make it a global hit: an insistent beat and positive lyrics that promise to suspend time and keep us “forever young,” or better yet, transport us back to a time when we felt like we were.

“We”re dancing like we”re dumb/?Our bodies going numb/We”ll be forever young/You know we”re superstars,” Ke$ha sings (!!)  in a stutter style.  She talks in her now-familiar style as well, but it”s the lure of youth and a hardcore dance floor beat that sells this one.

My favorite line is “Of course we does,” which comes early on. Pop music has never been about getting the grammar right, but we”re not sure the average, drunken Ke$ha party girl/fan will even realize the mistake.

Quite honestly, given that I have been one of Ke$ha”s biggest detractors, I don”t know what it means that I like one of her songs–or at least bregrugingly admire its crass charms. This may be a sign of the Apocalypse. I”m just saying… Now would the DJ please turn it up?

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